"Human Sex-Power--Fleshed Realism"

by Angela T. Heywood

[Reprinted from The Word, Y.L. 20, p.2-3.]

The body relation of the sexes, Naked Reality, is an ever-present fact -- in us, of us, is us as fleshed race factors, Human Race Creators. An old philosopher asks us to get out of our bodies to think; to him

"What seemed corporal

Melted as breath into the wind."

Rather, I would say, learn in your bodies to think; now you feel the sex-fact more than you think it; yet both are in the order of health. The obscenist pretended that sex is something dreadful;

"He roared so loud and looked so grim,

That his own shadow durst not follow him."

But sex is always an exhilarating arrival, and its rational recognition is ethic sobriety. Just to think of the liability of woman becoming sarcastic toward man's naturally made, grown, ready use; his healthy, human-life-begetting, reproductive Creator Self Genuine rectitude, ecstatic ability in him gallantly, reverently rises to receive her, and will she lightly accept him,--joke about it? How came he to libel her, himself and blaspheme human nature by idiotic 'obscenity' pretense? In analysis of life and demand for Repeal I am more with man than he is with himself. The idea that impotency is or can be the basis of virtue, or virile action! Stranger to himself, doth he indeed crave to be considered scantily charged with the seed of nations, human-life-element, semen? Doth he invoke the two-edged sword of woman's tongue to dash at the cut about the child-creating member of his wholly handsome body form? Why, then, does he, Peter-like, meanly deny his Lord and Master, the Phallu-God that begot himself and plants, raises soul-bodies in woman's sex-garden? Why weakly call of the physical force State, with its swords, police, militia, tax-thieves, prisons, majorities, and armies with banners to protect diseased, ignoble, pretended 'purity'? Conceived an brought up in shame-facedness, this call for statesmen, the collective public, lest sense be lacking in home analysis is not altogether manly, innately worthy.

Simon-pure, able-to-endure animalism is not yet so well under human, healthy, personal self-control as to render perfect satisfaction, be master-workman in the realm of Sex. Doth man ask thought-silence, mental dumbness from woman in this pregnantly co-linked sex-mutualism? Healthy orgasm, in vitable flow and reception of Life Element, nine-months' race-growth in her, the umbilical cord tying her, him and babe, one-from-two-making- three, dualism, trinism forbid ignorement of our beneficent sex destiny. A spiritless dump to be pulled, pushed, hauled, mauled about as a piece of warm beauty, magnetic meat, she feeling in unintelligence, is that what you call woman? No wonder ladies, like the Merry Wives of Windsor, smile, merrily laugh at poor, dear man trying in senate and court, to think sex 'obscene.' In this strain to decree fleshed thought, typed speech, tongued knowledge 'criminal' doth man pretend that he don't [sic], can't, won't like feeling at all. Wait until we have finished smiling O Man! before you force silence....perhaps I will be pleased to converse with you, as to how you shall be able to pick your way out of the penis-muddle, the heistic, self-abasing scrape you have got your mental selves into. Call a halt to your high- stepping literary, law-and-gospel dashing, and come down to a close view of your own pulsing, well-sexed selfhood. Be seated, Man; allow me to take your hat; you seem o'er-heated. Have you, indeed, been on a wild-goose chase for 'fun' with women and girls? Are you really aggrieved, or merely short-breathed in this 'starving' run to get at our bodies, in frenzied effort to suppress tongue-pen-type-mail enlightenment? Strong men need strong occasions to show that they are indeed Men,--not cattle subject to 'altering' to a sure serviceable docility, to make you gentle men. If you are cattle, when shall we castrate you? To extract bull from a calf causes one to grow an ox; while taking bull from bull makes him half way steer, a stag. Is this the he- 'reform' devoutly or jocosely to be wished, Gentlemen? Shall cutting, altering you be cattle-wise, or have you, Darwin-taught, escaped monkeyism and gained the true path of manly growth? If you are man, as woman has taken you to be, you will cease to decry your own body, drop the 'obscenity' craze and come home to self-respect.

Potency, health, use, beauty are worth while as against impotency, disease, abuse, malform.

"I have given suck and know

How tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me."

Just think of it, Men, and see if you do not think so too, and that it is becoming in us humans to try and be worthy Artists in child-making. Well-charged ability to serve, enthroned in your bodies, tends to make us proud of our twain destiny; but your 'obscene' laws bespeak Falstaff, whom the Merry Windsor Wives had to hide in a basket of soiled clothes, yourselves dirtier than the dirty things we pull over your mental indecency. In your courts and senates 'lewd,' 'obscene,' 'vulgar,' 'indecent,' 'nasty,' are legal epithets you have fixed on your own and your parents' creative power, voting the purest rose conceivable, a new-born babe, unclean! Do you wonder there are Anarchists, or that government is more and more detested? The race-making art, Stirpiculture, siring Scientists, how to beget babes that, grown, will respect you and themselves, ought to seem worthy to a man; yet Mr. Pentecost in his Twentieth-Century newspaper, which woman's affluence helped him to float, held it a mean, low, dreadful affair to have babes in the usual way. Would he, were he God, get children as turnips are pulled, potatoes dug, or have them born through our eyes because man has looked at us? What ails Mr. P.,--what has he and Mrs. P., or their parents in bringing them done or not done, that the son, lover, husband, father can so talk? Had vibration been well, could articulation be so sick? If his own organ does really offend him, now can he so scorn the cradle-chamber-womb in which his own seed grew, or the sex-garden whence he himself came to be the brain-heart power he was in speech-print service? His 'ripe' aversion and crude idea are too ridiculous to be even shocking. If turnip-fields and potato-patches fail to relieve him, perhaps the chemists of Yale or Harvard, or dissecting tables in medical schools given skeletons by grave-yards ghouls, may help him to sense somewhat the divinity of human life, and to teach Nature how to improve its origin and processes. How man, full-grown man, who sleeps with woman and serves her creative purpose, can pretend it is unworthy, I could account for, in crudeness, did he not lack the innocence of fresh youth. Babe in thought, he has 'dirtied his diaper,' I would say, were it not the mental head-swaddlings that 'need seeing to.' In cradle life made comfortable by mother-woman care; fed on warm breast-nursing; welcomed, in adult and later year to intimate acquaintance with feminine being, why should he not reverently sense Sex Fact?

The physical athlete,--arms, chest, thighs, bodied strength and beauty, bred and trained to service,--where, in outfit, are mental-sex laggards compared with him? Man, where did you catch this secret mental-disease, what air have you breathed, where lived, on what fruits have you fed that your brain affrights us with its foul fungus-growth? You are large, grown up; yet we must regard you as little babes, bless your own dear selves, Mamma loves you still, and you shall be seen to. As woman mother we bore you, nursed you, bathed you, spanked you, have tended, raised you to this manly physical presence we love. We know you, not for shame, but to serve true need. You known the names of your body organs, also of ours, and we know the same; the plain English words are worthy do denote the sex organs of human beings, and of their Associative Use. The subject is large, potential of good and to avert evil, demands immediate, honest, enlightened attention. That arrest, fines, imprisonment, poverty and social ostracism have barred the way to continued analysis of domestic ethics calls imperatively for Intelligence in sex realism. As ways and means permit, we will examine further the Human Crotch Fact. I am sure the time will come when men will not wish to be held 'obscene' in any sense, by women. Charmed as we are by the fact of regal, sex self-hood, each mental stroke forward bids us on and on to deeper depth and wider scope of sex-analysis.

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